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Day 19: Insanity Workout Review - Feel the power!

The funny thing about this that sometimes when I am working out...I would rather be dead...Just kidding...but not really. Although this picture is funny, it is also true. Many people do not workout like they need to, there are people who have had heart attacks and stints put in their arteries, that really should think about changing their lifestyle, but for some reason they can't.

I have struggled in the past with being lazy...being lazy, and eating whatever you want when you want, is a easy way to first. Then comes the weight problems, then comes the back problems, then comes the knee problems, then comes the heart disease issues, then comes the diabetes, the list can go on and on. I have decided that I am not going to be that person, that is why I am doing the Insanity Workout. If you have seen my "before picture," I weighed around 206 pounds, but a year and a half ago I weighed 245 pounds. I have lost around 40 pounds, since I have started to lose weight, I have worked out at the gym, hiking, running, and I have also done p90x. I just wanted to give a little background.

Okay, to the Insanity workout!! Today I did Cardio Power and Resistance, and once again I found myself a little unmotivated. Sometimes I just wake up from the wrong side of the bed. This Insanity workout has definitely been a love/hate relationship, but what workouts aren't? I did however push myself through the workout, and finished my 19th day of the Insanity workout. It does feel good to finish a workout and the reward is great, my body feels better through out the day, and I am getting better sleep at night.

Nutrition: This week I have been killing it with my Insanity workout nutrition plan. Yesterday I had a bowl of healthy Kashi cereal and a banana. I then had an apple and some grapes, then I made a wonder lean hamburger. I found some lean ground meat that was 93% meat and 7% fat, i put some garlic salt on it for taste, and it was incredible!! I used the whole wheat skinny buns and mustard and a little mayo.

Tomorrow, I will take my rest day, since I am going to be out of town camping. Sunday I will try to fit my plyometric cardio circuit in.


Robert said...

I have seen that one movitivation is to set up a large calendar that you see everyday and put a big bold X through each day that you workout (although this works for establishing any new habit).
Then your motivation is to get as many X's in a a row as possible, with no breaks (that is, days off).

Jerry Seinfeld mentioned this in an interview once about how he writes his comedy material.

The unbroken chain of X's is very satisfying to see, I guess!

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