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Insanity Workout Review - On Pause

So the day I was getting back into to the swing of things, I got pretty sick. I have not felt this terrible in a long time, its weird because I really do not get sick that often, and over the weekend I felt horrible. I am pretty sure I got the common cold, and I did not get swine flu. My throat was killing me and I have started a cough. Today I am starting to feel better, and it is probably because I have been downing Vitamin C, Dayquil, Emergen-C, and Halls. My throat is feeling a lot better, and I am starting to get my voice back.

Unfortunately, even though I am starting to feel better, I am leaving tomorrow for my Elk Hunting trip. I will be gone from Tuesday to Friday, hopefully when I get back I will be able to jump right into the workouts again.

I really do want to finish strong with the Insanity workout, so I might even extend it an extra week, so I can get this whole 2nd month in.

I will start writing again in about a week, so hopefully I will have some more insanity workout reviews for you.

Day 40: Insanity Workout Review

Today was the 40th day of my Insanity workout review. I have missed the last two days of the insanity workout, because my body was feeling pretty fatigued and it really needed to rest, but I jumped back into the insanity workout today! I did the the Max Interval Circuit today, which is extremely hard to do, but I got through it and should have a great time finishing the last 20 daysof my Shaun T Insanity Workout.

This has been the longest workout so far, it is seconds away fom being a whole hour long. I was exhausted by the 30th minute, and then I still had 30 minutes to go. The full body workout is still one of the toughest workouts in this Insanity workout. That is the one where you drop down in plank posiition and then sprint, then you do 4 moving push ups, and then you do four wide sprints in plank posistion. There are other workouts other than that one that are tough. Frog jumps are difficult, the suicide oblique push ups are difficult, and anything that has to do with a squat or a lunge is difficult.

Tomorrow I will be doing the Max Plyometrics workout, bright and early, my body got plenty of rest the last couple days, so I should be all ready to go.

For my nutrition today I have had a bowl of cereal and some grapes, I have not really planned what the rest of my day is going to look like eating wise.

Day 37: Insanity Workout Review - Max Plyo

In my Shaun T Insanity workout today, I did the Max Interval Plyometrics workout and I've got to be honest...I struggled today. I do have a great excuse though, I blame....the cycle class I did yesterday evening. It was probably one of the toughest workouts I have ever done, even in the first five to ten minute I was dripping in sweat. By the end of the cycle class my shirt was so wet, I probably could have rung out my shirt.

Doing that class really made it difficult for me to do my workout today. I started off the workout with a killer headache, so I started drinking more water, eventually the headache went away. My legs were also tired, I was having a hard time getting my legs up. After I warmed up, my body started to feel better. I will not be doing anymore crazy workouts like that but once a week. I really liked the cycling class, it was a great challenge.

The Shaun T Insanity workout today was pretty tough, regardless of me being already tired. There were some very new workouts that I have not seen before, so it was a great learning experience. The Max Interval Plyometrics workout was about 55 minutes long, and the main workout starts around the 38 minute marker. The workout that challenged me the most was the level 3 drills. It is the last workout in the second interval section. You do 16 push ups and then sprint it out in a plank position, and then you do it again. Since you are already exhausted it makes it really tough to to this exercise 3 times.

There are two Interval sections in this Insanity workout, plus there is a five minute workout after the intervals are over. This is a great workout, and I am excited to see what type of results I am going to get.

I ate pretty well yesterday, but I did have some eggnog. I love eggnog, I am like an eggnog addict.

Day 36: Insanity Workout Review - 2nd Month

Today was the first day of the 2nd Insanity Workout Month. I was supposed to do the Fit Test again today, but decided to skip it because I did not have enough time. So I went straight to the Insanity Workout called Max Interval Circuit, which is an hour long...Double the time of the first month of the Insanity workouts. If I were to do the fit test, it would have been an hour and a half workout today, and I just did not have that kind of time.

It starts off with a warm up like usual, but the warm up is different than the first month's warm up. The warm up is around the same length of time as the first months, but with more difficult moves. You will definitely be sweating, by the end of the warm up.

One thing that kind of surprised me, was that the stretching did not seem as long, I could be wrong, but I felt like we did longer stretching in the first month of the Insanity workout. Anyway, you start the main workout with about 42 minutes left in the DVD. Usually you would start around the 22 minute marker...But this is the second month!! This is where it really starts to get crazy!!

There were some pretty tough workouts. There was one particular exercise called the....something? I can't remember what it was called, but Shaun T has you do 4 ski ab jumps, into 4 jumping jack push ups, into in and outs, then into four oblique push ups. It totally sucked. Another exercise was called "full body drill"...I think. This exercise had you drop down into a plank position, then do sprints, four moving push ups, then four wide sprints, you then got on your feet and jumped and then do it all over again. The workouts were exhausting today. I was glad I decided only to do the Max interval circuit workout, instead of doing the fit test before it.

As for my is feeling better, the three days of rest really helped it. I started wearing my knee band when I was working at the Elk Camp, and by Sunday there was no more pain. So I wore it today through the workout, and I am wearing it right now.

I was not able to keep to the Nutrition plan this weekend, because at elk camp the only thing to snack on are cookies and chips. Then my Dad makes the most unhealthiest dinners and breakfasts in the world, but they are sooooo delicious.

Later on today, I am going to a cycling class at the gym with my friend. I am going to have to eat a lot of food today, because I heard you can burn anywhere up to 600 to 800 calories from one of those cycling workouts. We'll see how it goes.

Get insanity!

Day 33-35: Insanity workout review

So I decided that I was going to take a break on my last three days of my Insanity workout recovery week, and there are a few reasons why I decided to do this.

First reason, which is also the main reason. My right knee has been really bothering me lately, to the point where I am actually worried that I hurt it again. Whenever I make a wrong move, it feels like my meniscus is about to tear again. So I thought it would be a good idea for me to take a little break.

Second reason, I was helping my Dad set up elk camp this weekend. So I was going to miss the Saturday workout anyways.

But mostly it was because my knee hurt pretty badly. Tomorrow I start the Second month of my Insanity workout.

Day 32: Insanity Workout Review

Today was my first day back from my scheduled skip day, it really was a great skip day. I slept in, a friend brought lunch over, and I got to just relax and let my body recover a little bit.

I have noticed lately that my right knee has been giving me some issues, there is some pain starting to build up if I move it wrong or if I bend down to fast. It has been awhile since I have experienced some discomfort like this. Around 5 years ago I had surgery on my right knee, and it has been fine ever since. Maybe my knee has been bothering me because of the cold weather...I hope that is it.

So I am on day 32, and I am officially done with over half of the Insanity workout. Today was the same recovery workout that I have been doing all week, so I really do not have much to say about it. I still enjoy it, it has not gotten old to me yet, so that is good.

What's actually entertaining to watch about this workout, is how much Shaun T uses the girls. I swear all the guys are feeling left out in this workout, because Shaun T definitely favors the ladies in this Insanity workout. I wonder how many of the other girls get jealous when Shaun T singles out a girl more than the others.

Anyway, I am just babbling. It is a great workout for recovering your body and I have two more days of it. Actually I only have one more day. Saturday and Sunday, I am setting up elk camp with my dad. The days are going to be packed with cutting and hauling lots of wood, so I will get a pretty decent workout.

Day 31: Insanity Workout Review - Skip Day

On my 31st day of my Insanity workout review I skipped my recovery workout, do not worry this has been planned the whole time. Tomorrow I will get back into the recovery workouts. It was so nice, I got to sleep in till 10 am and got 9 hours of sleep, which was awesome! Now that is the way to have your body recover.

Here is a little video for you to watch fo the Insanity workout.

Day 30: Insanity Workout Review

Today was my second day of the Insanity workout recovery week, it is the same workout as yesterday, and the same workout for the rest of the week. I realized after I posted yesterday that I really did not talk about the workout that much. So I will do so in this post.

So on my 30th day of the Insanity workout I did the Cardio Core and Balance, and even though this is a recovery workout, there are definitely some tough workouts. The warms up are different and not as long, which is a nice change of pace. Usually I am sweating in the first 12 minutes of the warm ups, but there is only about 2and half minutes of warm ups in this workout. The stretching is pretty much the same, but it to is not as long. I kind of wish the stretching was a little longer in the session, with a couple more stretches.

For the workout itself, there are a lot of the same moves, but Shaun T also includes new muscle burning moves. It's a nice change to the insanity workout, because its a new disc with new workouts. There are a couple balance moves that just absolutely burn like crazy. One exercise has you stand on one leg and lift your other leg from the floor to your chest over and over again, then you hold your knee up and pulse it, then still holding your knee up, you start a controlled kick. Then you do the other side, it works out your hip flexors. It is hard to explain, but trust me it burns!!

The last exercise is the hardest! You start in a plie' position or a deep squat position, then you staighten out your arms like a bird, and pulse your arms, there are like four different exercise you so with your shoulders. This goes on for about 3 minutes. Not only are your legs burning like crazy, but your shoulders feel like they are abou to fall off. You have to keep your arm straight the whole time.

Yesterday I did great with my nutrition plan, I also went to the gym last night and did some upper body workouts. Bench press, shoulder press, tricep dips, and shoulder shrugs. I also did some ab routines, and ran for 2 miles. I hope to do this about 2 times a week to see if I can speed up my results even more.

get insanity

Day 29: Insanity Workout Review - Recovery Week

So I already told you about my terrible weekend with the Insanity workout and my nutrition plan. Today I am getting back into the swing of things. Luckily for me this whole week for my Insanity workout is a recovery week. The first month is officially done, and now I am going to experience the hard stuff. If I thought the Insanity Workout was tough now, it is going to be even for tough in the second month, so I better enjoy this recovery week.

The workout was different today, it was a nice change of pace, because the other workout videos were kind of getting old. That is one of the hardest parts about doing workouts at home, you watch the same DVDs over and over again. But the nice thing about Shaun T Insanity Workout is that Shaun T is not annoying. When I did P90x, there were times when I wanted to knock out Tony Horton, because he was kind of annoying. The P90x workout is incredible though!! Even when I did the first two weeks of Chalean Extreme, I wanted to punch the television screen, because they are so happy when they are working out...not real happiness...but fake happiness...NO ONE is that happy when they are working out, even if they enjoy working out. I am not saying that these workouts do not work, because they do!! I am just saying why I really enjoy the Insanity workout, because the people will let you know that they are getting their ass kicked.

The Cardio Core and Balance workout was pretty good, it was not as tough as the other workouts, but I still sweated and felt the burn. It is a recovery week, so I am going to let my body recover as much as possible before this 2nd month.

This week I will also not be doing the workout on Wednesday, I have been planing on skipping that day the whole time, I will probably just sleep in. I will also be working out at the gym this week and eating healthier.

Day 26: Insanity Workout Review

So today I was not able to do the insanity workout review, I worked all day trying to raise money for a non profit organization called SportsAide. It is a super cool non profit organization, SportsAide runs sport camps for children who's parents cannot afford to pay for sport camps, like soccer, baseball, and football. SportsAide also gives equipment to children who cannot afford it. I worked at a rest stop called Indian John off of the I-90 freeway. I was in a booth all day passing out cookies, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

The terrible thing about it was that I did not bring anything to eat, and I was the only one there. So I could not leave to go get food, so I ended up munching on cookies all day. Plus when the other person came to take over they brought some delicious pizza. I was already starving, so I pounded like 5 slices. It was not a good day for my Insanity workout or my nutrition plan.

Saturday was not any better for me, I missed another workout, because I was so tired from working the day before, plus I still did not really eat to healthy. Overall this was the worst weekend I have had with my Insanity workout review.

I have noticed that when I am working out, I tend to eat better. But when I miss a day, I tend to eat worse. When I constantly workout, it gives me a mind frame that wants to eat healthy too.

Sunday I am going to take my rest day, and I will jump back into things on Monday. It is the recovery week so we will see how it goes. How bad can it be?